Fall/Winter 2017

A Fall Picnic

One of my favorite things about Autumn??? The weather! Lately, DFW has treated us to some remarkably wonderful cooler weather that's not too cold, but crisp enough to break out all our best fall attire. The other day, we took advantage of it by gathering some of our favorite pies and heading to the lake to have a bit of a fall styled picnic: It's always a good time when all of us get together, throw into it a few sugary sweets and delicious drinks to sip on and its an evening full of laughs and fun around the lake.

...until we get to the last piece of pie, that is. At which point we were forced to move on to exploring the lake... which isn't all too bad when it means exploring around with these beauties! If you haven't yet, I suggest you grab a few of your favorite people and take them out to indulge in an afternoon picnic full laughs, sweet treats, and good cheer.

Fall/Winter 2017

Classic Trends: Houndstooth and French Berets

Happy weather change week lovelies!!!! Can you feel it coming in the air tonight? I do! Ever since daylight savings time kicked in this past Sunday, it officially feels like we've hit the official fall/winter season; ya know, the one where there's no going back and we can kiss 95 degree weather goodbye till next year!?

Okay yeah, never mind, I forgot I'm in Texas (Where it will be a scorching 105 degrees one day and a smoldering 35 degrees the next day, no lie this has happened before)....But enough about the weather, lets talk trends. I'm excited to kick off the first official "Wendy Darling Seasonal" collection series. Where I'll guide you through seasonal must haves or style tips currently trending (and how to wear them like a pro!) *This will be different than my steal the style posts, as these will be more geared towards the current/upcoming season, and they may or may not be thrifted items.

To beging, lets start with a must have pattern for all your winter needs: Houndstooth. If you can't zoom in, this is what houndstooth pattern looks like:

Whether on coats, dresses, pants, or purses this pattern evokes class and brings a sort of "chic" allure to any outfit. It also pairs well with a current hat trend that the inner francophile in me will forever smile about: Berets: I'm seeing more red berets as the color of choice from a few of my favorite stylists, bloggers, and actresses. However whether you style it in red, black, green, maroon, or white (or all of them!), accessorizing any of your fall/winter outfits with a french beret will both let the world know you're up to par with what's in for the season... but more importantly, it will give a pop of Parisienne elegance to any outfit you're struttin' in.

When in doubt just think: Houndstooth and french berets. Two fall/winter staples currently trending and approved by yours truly. I've link a few of the goodies I'm eyeing below.... if you beat me to it, be sure to tag me on insta or drop me a line so I can feature you! Till the next time: Xoxo

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